Have an Idea for the Next Great Invention? We ve all been disappointed at some time or another by products that didn t live up to Offers baby seat to help pre toddler children sit upright as well as other baby items for export. South Africa. MySpace music profile for Man's Last Great Invention with tour dates songs videos pictures blogs Member Since Band Website Band Members ever in flux the Have an Idea for the Next Great Invention? We ve all been disappointed at some time or another by products that didn t live up to You've got this great invention idea. It's gonna make you millions. You can already picture your house overlooking the sea. Only problem is.

Man's Last Great Invention:
(the following have played in MLGI)

Adam Philmore

Bus Gas Explosion

Tom Currie

Nick Kuhl

Christopher Ware

Jillian Savage

Mathias Svalina

Marina Hardy

Carlin Mackie

Alex (Thunder Power!)

Luke Polipnick

Anders Peterson

Beni und Niki! Boog!

Joe Younglove

Molly Lynn Jensen

Jason Buckner

Michael Hernandez-Stern

Anderson Reinkordt

Elisabeth Reinkordt

Jon McQuillen

Chris Lavaque

Alex Reinkordt

Hana Kornbluh

(Also at the P.S. Collective show: Brian, Josh, and Didgeridoo guy-sorry I'm at a loss for a name... help me out!)

Teal Gardner

Matthew White

Jim Schroeder

Man's Last Great Invention: live soundtrack, film scores, shows, brunches, sound design...

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Man's Last Great Invention to perform new soundtrack for Predator at Project Lodge

"Get to the choppah…err…Project Lodge on May 20 if you demand to know the outcome of the epic battle between the alien fromPredator and the experimental soundmasses of Man’s Last Great Invention. The Lincoln, Neb. electro rockers don't employ those gnarly blades or thermal imaging as part of their improvised noise crafting, but they will be mashing together a live soundtrack synced up with the 1987 future-governor-filled action classic that is designed to “alter the way the audience perceives the film's violent imagery through their lush textural ambience and drone.” The A.V. Club can only assume that entails hypnotizing the audience with white noise and then hunting them for sport. Just remember that once those crazy alien symbols start counting down on the screens as the “laptopist” laughs maniacally, it’s cue to run for dear life and leap from the ensuing giant nuclear explosion that will take out half of East Johnson."


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