Have an Idea for the Next Great Invention? We ve all been disappointed at some time or another by products that didn t live up to Offers baby seat to help pre toddler children sit upright as well as other baby items for export. South Africa. MySpace music profile for Man's Last Great Invention with tour dates songs videos pictures blogs Member Since Band Website Band Members ever in flux the Have an Idea for the Next Great Invention? We ve all been disappointed at some time or another by products that didn t live up to You've got this great invention idea. It's gonna make you millions. You can already picture your house overlooking the sea. Only problem is.

Man's Last Great Invention:
(the following have played in MLGI)

Adam Philmore

Bus Gas Explosion

Tom Currie

Nick Kuhl

Christopher Ware

Jillian Savage

Mathias Svalina

Marina Hardy

Carlin Mackie

Alex (Thunder Power!)

Luke Polipnick

Anders Peterson

Beni und Niki! Boog!

Joe Younglove

Molly Lynn Jensen

Jason Buckner

Michael Hernandez-Stern

Anderson Reinkordt

Elisabeth Reinkordt

Jon McQuillen

Chris Lavaque

Alex Reinkordt

Hana Kornbluh

(Also at the P.S. Collective show: Brian, Josh, and Didgeridoo guy-sorry I'm at a loss for a name... help me out!)

Teal Gardner

Matthew White

Jim Schroeder

Man's Last Great Invention: live soundtrack, film scores, shows, brunches, sound design...

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Quickly, very quickly, I want to say "blather lather slathered in bits of supine gazing. Yes, it's right, i guess it's always been." You'll notice that the word "been" was said by me like a Brit, with an overt attention to saying it the "right" way (ie. not American). You'll notice that I am now crazy and cannot say this quickly at all nor with any consistency in the use of the parts of any real form of communication. So, with that in mind I:

would like to quickly mention:

that we are playing a show.

I am crazy, driving back to Lincoln to:

perfom with

Joy Wants Eternity (of Seattle, WA.), a great Explosions in the Sky-esque group with talent beyond my ears. Esau of Lincoln was going to be playing. We need a third band. If you are a band, come play, or disband and come play. Play on our set or play your own. If you know about this show, tell half of the people you want to tell. If you don't want to tell anyone, tell half of them not to come. Somehow, we will still end up playing sounds. Somehow I will still get all of my classwork finished. Take a look at this picture and remember that the show is at Box Awesome on Oct 4th Saturday while, of course, looking at this picture:

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