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Man's Last Great Invention:
(the following have played in MLGI)

Adam Philmore

Bus Gas Explosion

Tom Currie

Nick Kuhl

Christopher Ware

Jillian Savage

Mathias Svalina

Marina Hardy

Carlin Mackie

Alex (Thunder Power!)

Luke Polipnick

Anders Peterson

Beni und Niki! Boog!

Joe Younglove

Molly Lynn Jensen

Jason Buckner

Michael Hernandez-Stern

Anderson Reinkordt

Elisabeth Reinkordt

Jon McQuillen

Chris Lavaque

Alex Reinkordt

Hana Kornbluh

(Also at the P.S. Collective show: Brian, Josh, and Didgeridoo guy-sorry I'm at a loss for a name... help me out!)

Teal Gardner

Matthew White

Jim Schroeder

Man's Last Great Invention: live soundtrack, film scores, shows, brunches, sound design...

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What an amazing 2 weeks! The Predator screening was magical. We will be doing more live soundtracks soon. Check out what Zachary Schomburg had to say about the event!

"The Predator is obviously a really cheesy action movie--there are tons
of ridiculous tongue-in-cheek moments, and plenty of laugh out loud one
liners--but I really enjoyed how at most points your music actually took
me away from that aspect of the flim. I was trying very hard to watch it
with more of an "open mind"; this is, to watch as if I didn't know the
story and didn't get the pop culture cliches and jokes. Instead I tried
to make it more atmospheric. I tried to look at it as a harmony between
the music and the pictures, one that would really let the music set the
mood and feeling rather than any prior knowledge or gut-level cringing
at Arnold and J. Ventura's acting skills. I have to say, I was
successful with that, and it really helped me to explore a different
level of the movie, and I had a great time doing it!"

---Brett Wertz, Lincoln

We had two shows in Detroit, at the Lager House and the Berkley Front over the last weekend. Both were phenomenal thanks to our friends Tom and Chris filling in on guitar, bass, drums, and soundscapes, as well as the great people of Michigan. Thanks again for a great time!

Much is in the works at the moment. August 22nd will be a packed afternoon and evening. At Cultiva coffee (1501 South St in Lincoln NE) we will be joining many other musicians and bands playing music in the parking lot! After a pleasant time there, we will head over to 2430 P St. (see image above) to play a house show with Daniel Striped Tiger and Ghost Towns around 7pm. More details as they arrive!

We are also planning a tour of the upper midwest and possibly the east coast for the end of september. more details soon!

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